The emotion that was always most present for me was an inner restlessness. It’s been there ever since I remember. I wanted to go and explore the world, connect with different people and cultures, eat amazing food, and feel alive and free. This restlessness sparked my wanderlust. And the more I travelled, the more I got hooked, until I moved to New York City six years ago.

The whole world with all it’s different cultures and people is colliding in New York and I was part of it. I wandered through the neighborhoods in awe, soaking it all up, feeling inspired and so alive. My restless soul was satisfied, the city never seemed to stop, so I felt like I could finally relax and just enjoy.

Five years later, I started traveling again. My work as a freelance web designer was going great and I was able to work remotely. All I needed was my laptop and wifi. No more cubicle, no more 9-5, no more two-weeks-vacation limitation to hold me back.

Every time I got back to the big Apple, I started to crave nature and experiencing cultures in their own habitat. New York felt too claustrophobic, the stressful vibe the city radiated effected me more and more. I wasn’t happy, I needed a change.

Last year I went snowboarding in Norway, enjoyed the Oktoberfest in Munich, explored Amsterdam in the Summer, and joined a friend for a cross-country road trip from Miami to Seattle. It was a beautiful adventure and my wanderlust rekindled. After living in a concrete jungle for so long I finally understood why some people hug trees 🙂

How did I decide to become a Digital Nomad?

I was dreaming of this lifestyle before even knowing it existed! I think I heard the term “Digital Nomad” for the first time two years ago, when a good friend of mine played with the idea of venturing out. I followed his journey last year and the more I heard, the more I got drawn to this life. After returning from my travels last Fall the decision was made, I would embark on my own journey and started to prepare.

Three months of decluttering my life and a cold winter, I just left and I’m back in Europe for my first adventure without an apartment to come back to. I’m as free as a bird and it feels amazing!

This was the message I shared on social media on my way to the airport:

There is no sadness or regret in my heart. I’m not looking back or turning around one last time in nostalgia – this new journey just feels as real and right as nothing ever before.
I will miss all of you – my amazing friends here in New York! It’s been six exciting, fun, and inspiring years. It has also been challenging and heartbreaking at times, but each experience has made me a stronger and better person. A roller coaster ride that I won’t ever forget, and a place I will always enjoy coming back to.
New York I love you, thanks for everything.

Goodbye home. Hello adventure.