I love adventure and pushing my limits. When I was staying in Los Angeles for a month in October last year, I went outdoor climbing for the first time. I was in awe with how much I fell in love with it. A friend of a friend, Nick, is an experienced climber and he took me to the most beautiful spots in Malibu.

I only went bouldering a few times in New York before, so he had to teach me how to belay and be safe. It’s a weird feeling to put your life into someone else’s hands, especially if you just met that person. But he equally trusted me belaying him.

The most breath-taking climb Nick took me on, was Point Dume in Malibu. A beautiful rock face, 100 ft (30 m) tall, right on the edge of the ocean. We went climbing in the afternoon and during sunset, which made this adventure even more spectacular.

The face of the rock is slightly angled and has thin crimps and edging, which makes it hard to hold on and find enough grip to step on. Fearlessly I went on conquering the giant towering the waves. If you’ve ever climbed before you know, that it’s not just a physical activity, it’s very much a mental one as well. As you ascend you have to evaluate and decide your every step and grip. Sometimes I had to pause and soon enough the next move came to me and I continued.

At times I knew my next move, but it felt impossible to do physically. These moments are my favorite ones while “hanging” in the wall. It’s moments like these when you have to overcome your fears and trust your instinct. It’s these encounters that break through your believed capabilities and open your eyes to what you’re actually able to do with a little trust.

I made it to the summit of Point Dume twice that day.

Have you ever climbed and felt this way? Would love to hear how you experienced it.

Point Dume sunset climb