I’m back in Germany for a couple of days and today I was driving South to visit friends who live in a region called Allgäu, which is considered pre-alpine and stretches all the way south into the Alpes. It’s a picturesque landscape laced with hills, windy roads, and lush green forests.

During my drive there and back I was met by epic skies in all colors of the afternoon and evening. Storm clouds rose up and predicted nothing good. It rained heavily most of the afternoon, but then the sun broke through. On my drive back, the glowing fireball lit up the sky in rich blues and deep purples ahead of me, and bright yellows and orange hues behind me. The clouds reflected and swallowed the palette. And at times the clouds would turn cotton candy pink. It was a spectacular transformation.

Spring has been a rainy one this year. It poured so much, that there has been flooding all over southern Germany for the past weeks. Some parts have been devastated by high water levels and small villages have been marked with an emergency status.

The thing about nature that fascinates me most, is how it transforms and how you can always find beauty, even during a storm. If there wouldn’t be storms, the clouds would never rise up quite this high and look this epic.