I’m an optimist and I love life. If you know me, you might have heard me say “happiness above all” – for myself and others. I try to make people smile and brighten up their day if they let me. The little things in life make me smile and I point them out often.

I chose the life of a nomad to follow my wanderlust to wherever it takes me. Being in constant flux helps me to not get hung up on the small things, that often cause us so much stress and aggravation.

Of course, I too have bad days. Work sometimes gets stressful, i can’t find a decent spot to work from with good wifi, or my flight is delayed and I can’t catch my connection.

On days like these, when the world seems to be against me, I like to look at a little list I’ve put together a while ago. I call it my “happy list”. It’s filled with all the things that bring me joy and brighten up my day. Just reading through the list instantly lightens my mood and puts everything in perspective.

If you don’t have a happy list yet, create one today for the days when you most need to bring back the smiles 🙂