It happens rarely, but last night was one of those nights where I couldn’t fall asleep. I was tossing and turning for hours. My body was ready to go to sleep but my mind was wide awake. It happens usually when I have a million things going on. Work mostly, lots of it with deadlines, writing a presentation for an upcoming talk, and todo lists that are way too long. Everything feels a little overwhelming and my mind is trying to check things off right before I go to sleep.

Not enough sleep is obviously not helping the situation. I know that being sleep deprived will make tomorrow worse. My mind rationalizes that, but it seems to add to the stress level and prolongs the insomnia.

In the past listening to audio books would help. For a while I even dug up some of the audio books I’ve listened to as a kid, which is a fun way to travel back in time. I’ve been successful with sleep meditations in the past, but yesterday even a soothing voice and visualizations kept me wide awake.

If neither audio books, nor mediation helps, and my mind simply doesn’t want to shut up, yoga and some mild stretching is my savior. I think it is the combination of physical activity, stretching of the muscles, and the calming effect on the mind that does the trick. There are a few good yoga poses that help me fall asleep when nothing else does.

If you prefer to follow along a video, here are two great video:
6 minute yoga routine for a good night’s sleep
30 minute bedtime yoga sequence by Adrien

Sweet dreams my dears!

Sierra de Gredos, Spain

Sierra de Gredos, Spain