I spent the last 3 weeks in Barcelona. I chose it as my nomad base for the month mainly to improve my Spanish, to experience the life of a local, and to connect with friends. I love getting lost in its small streets that cast a web all across cozy neighborhoods of El Born, Barrio Góthico, and Gràcia.

It was my second time in Barcelona and this time I didn’t do many touristy things, but one – Park Güell. It’s located away from the center on Carmel Hill, overlooking the city. The park was designed by Gaudí and to me it is the city’s most breath-taking of all sights. I love the mosaics incorporated in all the buildings and structures of the cascading park.

These mosaics are so inspiring, because the artist took shattered pieces to create something beautiful and mesmerizing. He transformed the individual pieces into what didn’t exist before. It reminds me of times in my life when I felt broken, but eventually transformed by putting the pieces back together.

I spent several hours in the park and looked at all the different patterns and colors. I ran my fingers over the tiles of the mosaic, trying to feel the memories behind each broken piece. The lines reminded me of the scattered streets of the neighborhoods. And while tracing the lines, I was tracing my steps and I got lost in it’s infinite web.