I have been a designer for almost 19 years. Over the years my eye got trained to look at things differently. I can see patterns everywhere: in nature, design, art, motion, music, and behavior.

A pattern is something that is repetitive. It is creating something that feels safe, because it starts to be predictable. Most people take comfort in what they can predict. This is why some people don’t like Jazz. It’s unpredictable, spontaneous, and though it has patterns, they repeat unpredictably. I love Jazz, it gives room to beautiful chaos and opens the mind to new possibilities.

Every time I’m back to Madrid, I come across many visual patterns, both in architecture, but also in the beautiful, colorful tiles used in restaurants and bars. They add so much character and they inspire me. As a designer, I need to constantly feed my mind. In Spain I find new inspiration on every corner, in its beautiful colonial architecture, in the rhythm of Spanish guitar in the park, and of course, in its many colorful tiles everywhere.

How do you experience patterns? Do you like them predictable, or does it give you a kick when the odd one out surprises you?