I’m a hugger. I haven’t always been, but since I’ve spent some time in Costa Rica last year, and received countless amazing hugs, something changed. So when I meet friends or even new and amazing people, I will always go for a hug. I rarely opt to shake hands (lame!) or go for a kiss on the cheek (unless I’m in a country where that is the norm).

Hugs should not be taken lightly, only real hugs count for me. I personally call people out, that don’t hug like they mean it.

Real hugs, to me, are defined by a few things. They are heartfelt. It’s hard to describe, but when you receive a good hug you will know what I’m talking about. A real hug makes the heart jump.

Barely ever can it be captured, but Florian Ziegler perfectly captured a real hug, Petya and I exchanged last weekend after I finished my talk at WordCamp Europe.

So go on, and hug someone like you mean it today! 🙂
It feels amazing!