My amazing and lovely friend Petya invited me to a wild place in the middle of Bulgaria last month. We stayed in a beautiful hut her family owns, surrounded by nothing but lush green forest. We arrived late that day and found comfort in the sounds of the river that runs by the little house, and the birds singing the day away. Petya and I spent a weekend far from all that usually connects us to the world, only to be reminded, that real connections can be found in the most hidden and wild places.

It’s amazing how easy it is to mentally disconnect, when you don’t have the internet constantly on your fingertips. There was no cell reception or electricity at the hut. The stress from the past weeks of intense work fell right off of us, and it was replaced by a smile.

We found serenity in long deep conversations, cooking on an open fire, and relaxing down by the river. We fell asleep to the many voices of the forest and the wind. Two days in this green paradise felt like a long vacation. I’m infinitely grateful that she shared her paradise with me. When she used to talk about her hut in the forest, her eyes would sparkle, and her heart would glow – I can now understand why! And when ever I share these memories now, I light up too.

Do you know a place like this? Go, explore, and re-connect with it! Find a little peace for the mind in these hectic times.