I’ve been living a nomadic lifestyle for a year and four months now and I still embrace the uncertainties of it. I try pick new places to visit as often as possible, but equally enjoy to come back to familiar places and visit friends.

To wake up in a strange place is a beautiful sensation. Strange, unfamiliar sounds and scents fill the morning air. I’m staying in bed for a little longer to soak it all in and “feel” the place. Once all dressed and read to go, I consciously enjoy the very moment I step on the street of my new “home” for the month. Exploring the streets on foot. It’s an adventure to find a cute coffee shop with wifi I can work from, a vegan restaurant for lunch, and a fun bar I can call my local spot for a while.

One of my goals for this blog is to share these local spots with you, in case you need a little kick-start. I’ll try start the series soon.

If you’re a nomad too and want to connect, let me know and we can connect on Nomadbase.io

What do you like most about new places you travel to?