When I was a child, I used to climb trees all the time. But back then, trees were just trees, fun to climb, but nothing special. Only when I moved to Australia for a year when I was 20 years old, did I fall in love with trees. Especially the ones that had their roots exposed.

The first tree I was truly fascinated with was the Moreton Bay fig trees that can be found in many parks in Sydney, my home for most of the year. Their roots form waves along the ground, tall enough to hide between. I imagined that any moment now a rabbit with a pocket watch would jump out behind a root. It made me dream of wonderful phantasy worlds.

Australia has so many cool trees: Bottle Trees in Queensland, Eucalyptus trees, and the Paperbark tree, just to name a few.

Ever since that day first encounter with the magical fig tree, I try find new trees that make me dream where ever I go. While traveling around New Zealand with my friends Ulya and Florian in December we drove by a majestic tree, with roots that were inter-woven and branches that stretched far and wide. We stopped the car immediately, in awe by the beautiful giant. Ulya and I climbed it, barefoot of course, to really feel and connect to it. This is one of my favorite memories from our trip.

I’m sure I will write about more of the favorite trees I encountered on my journey. So stay tuned if you have a thing for trees as I do.