I’ve decided to start a daily blog. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time, but the task just seemed too big to tackle with all the other things going on in my life. There never seems to be the perfect time to get started. I kept pushing it due to busy schedules and many things that seem more important that this project, but there will always be something.

A few weeks ago, my friend Luca who just published his 365th daily post on his blog sent me a link to an amazing talk by Andrea Badgley on WordPress.tv. Her presentation is called “Publish in 10 Minutes Per Day” and the premise is to put a system in place and commit to carving out 10 minutes a day dedicated to your blog – she also wrote a blog post about it. It sounds easy and absolutely doable, right?! But then life happens…

To make it easier to commit, Andrea suggests to setup a prompt box, where you add 30 prompts / topics / phrases to write about ahead of time and then pick a new prompt each day to write about for 10 minutes. At the end you click publish and do a little happy dance (at least that’s what I’m gonna do :). She also has some great tips on how to reward yourself after publishing your post for the day 🙂 She really inspired me!

If it’s so easy why am I still hesitating to write? For me it’s that voice in my head that questions if I have much to share with the world that others haven’t already shared. The blogging world is a crowded space, but I’m not doing this to get famous. I’m doing it to overcome my fear of putting my thoughts out there, no matter the reaction, or the lack thereof.

So today is Day 1 of this experiment to overcome my fear of publishing. I have some ideas for topics and I’ve created a digital prompt box on Clear. I would prefer to have a fun, colorful prompt box and my prompts handwritten on paper, but since I’m traveling a digital list makes more sense. I want to write about traveling, working remotely, yoga, vegan food, and random thoughts. If you find this blog, feel free to drop a hello. I’d love that!

I’m motivated and excited 🙂